Thursday, March 22, 2012

sporting one big fat Buddha smile

Equinox Sunrise 2012

This morning, I satisfied a nerdy metaphysical side of my consciousness by getting up before dawn, so that I could mark the exact angle or azmith of the sunrise on this spring equinox. Civilizations throughout history have built structures that aligned with the sun's position at critical times during the year. Making something that visually marks the seasonal passage of time has been on my to-do list for awhile. 

The day before,  I constructed a flat disk with a center peg, welded and cemented it into my garden. 
When the sun peaked the horizon this morning, the peg cast a shadow. Where the shadow crossed the lip of the disk, I clamped another small verticle peg for welding later. Having done this, I looked up and saw that these first rays of sunlight were also pouring right down the center of the arbored path, and at the end of it, the Yin Yang gate was ablaze in sunlight! 
I had originally intended to make a rose design on that gate, since it is the name of the street that borders my house and the arbor at that end supports two beautiful rose bushes. But last winter, that ancient symbol appeared in front me again looking fresh as ever. It so beautifully represented this life journey I'm on, the feelings of gratitude, serenity, joy, sorrow, acceptance that is my human experience.

So there I stood, sunrise at my back, sporting one big fat Buddha smile realizing the symbol I had chosen to make several months ago, one that represents balance, opposites, and harmony is perfectly aligned to the sunrise on two days of the year when the length of the day and night are equal!
In three months I hope to repeat this with sunrise on the summer solstice and in December the winter solstice. I can't imagine those dates being as crystallizing an experience as the equinox was, but what do I know?

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~ Jessy said...

Fantastic! And of course it would, lol.
Love the journey you are on, thank you for capturing and sharing.